5  family photography tips

We’ve all been there where we’ve taken photos of our family in the park, only to discover afterwards that the images didn’t turn out as we would’ve hoped. Here are some helpful tips and ideas on how to capture the best family portraits we can.


  • Location, location, location!

Outdoors is always best as you can make use of the natural light available. Your garden, parks and beaches are great places to take photos. The expansive area can give you a lot of interesting settings and props to work with.


  •  Use props

Almost anything from toys to benches can be used as props. If you are outside, trees and swings are great props. Stairs and sofas are good choices if you are taking photos in your home. Making use of props is a excellent way of making your family feel comfortable in front of the camera and creates a natural image.

props 1props 2

  • Brave the weather

Its very easy for us to look outside and think “Oh it’s too cold, let’s just stay inside”. Wrap up warm, dress everyone up in their hats and scarfs and out you go. On a cold, cloudy day the light is perfect for portraiture as the sun is diffused by the clouds. Don’t stay out too long if it’s really cold!


  • Get in close

Close up portraits of your kids can give great impact to an image. Full length shots can show action but if the light is good than get in close. Do this when you are taking the photos – there is a huge difference between photographing a close up and cropping the image afterwards. And you don’t always have to concentrate of faces either!

close upclose up

  • Have fun

One of the most important things to remember, have fun while you’re capturing these special moments of your family. Let the kids play and fool around and get involved. This makes it more fun for everyone, you don’t want it to become a chore for everyone as your family won’t enjoy it and neither will you.

Have fun