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Photography tips for taking portraits on a sunny day

  Have you been taking advantage of all this wonderful weather and been snapping away from dawn until dusk? On looking back at the portraits you’ve taken do you notice any of the following; A lot of squinting Harsh shadows Over-exposed/under-exposed images Flare Bright background/subject in shadow If so, read on and learn how to combat these tricky little issues   Avoid the midday sun  It’s 12.30pm, it’s a lovely sunny day and you pop out into the garden to take some photos of the kids. This isn’t a great idea. Like the weatherman, photographers will tell you to ‘avoid the midday sun’. The harsh…

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5 top tips on photographing your family

5  family photography tips We’ve all been there where we’ve taken photos of our family in the park, only to discover afterwards that the images didn’t turn out as we would’ve hoped. Here are some helpful tips and ideas on how to capture the best family portraits we can.   Location, location, location! Outdoors is always best as you can make use of the natural light available. Your garden, parks and beaches are great places to take photos. The expansive area can give you a lot of interesting settings and props to work with.  Use props Almost anything from toys to benches can be used…

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