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Nova Kicks

Nova Kicks Lyric Video

We recently worked on two lyric Videos for Nova Kicks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUp6tquDbnI For the new release 'The Right Way' the band wanted to use a mix of archival footage to create a montage of visuals to accompany the theme of the words. We combined a mix of royalty free footage and merged layers and effects to ensure that we modernised the footage, whilst paying tribute to the hard work of the previous talent from the days of the past. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfetbgulW7U 'Pieces of You' is a track from the Nova Kicks album; 'Maps'. For this lyric video we wanted a subtle and emotive feeling through gentle animation.…

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Do it Like That Music Video

We had such a great time filming the music video for Oxford singer songwriter Zamir Wheeler.  We shot the bar scenes for this video at Canary Wharf within a rooftop setting and main Manor house shots at Carmel College in Oxfordshire.  Thanks to all the talent that helped make this.Check out Zamir's music here  :https://en-gb.facebook.com/Zamir-Wheeler-Music-175385125904066/[pp_gallery gallery_id="5348"]

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Golden Music Video

Golden Music Video Released

Recently Studio8 worked with Canadian dance indie label Ryal Music to create a Music Video for one of their artists Silverland. The company came to Studio8 looking for an original concept for a Video that will support the release of the track this Spring/Summer. We created the idea, planned, shot and edited the film within a short period securing the talent, location and took our crew to what turned out to be a great day of filming. Thanks to everyone involved who helped make the Video a success - we hope you enjoy the video and if you like the track you can purchase direct…

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filming a music video

Music Videos 2014

Music videos are a great way for a band to vividly unleash itself to the world. A video does more than simply allow the viewer to hear a song; it provides the artist with the creativity to tell a visual story at the same time. In order for an artist or band to succeed great videos to accompany their tracks are essential. Great ideas and the latest technologies are crucial to creating a brilliant music video and its easier to create one now then ever. "We shot this comeback video for Dave Edmunds in a recording studio based in Oxford. Dave plays all the instruments…

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