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Bounce Back with Video

https://vimeo.com/435119984 There has never been a better time to invest in Video content. Your customers are waiting to hear from you ! A new Video is a great way to reconnect with your audience and inspire them as we come out of lockdown. We can create all sizes and kinds of videos including social media content, product videos, brand stories, commercials and more. Please talk to our team about how we can help create a unique film for you. Call us on 01865 842525 or use the contact form below.

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Linked in Video Adverts

LinkedIn Video Advertising It may not be as well-known in the social networking world as bigger brands such as Twitter and Facebook, but LinkedIn has carved out a successful niche for its product, which is designed to link together business contacts, customers, suppliers and colleagues rather than your friends and family. All social networking websites carry advertising, and as all are free to join and use, showing adverts to their users is their main income stream. A recent announcement of an improved advertising package with You Tube links will make it even easier for brands to promote themselves using LinkedIn. Current Advertising LinkedIn Ads, the…

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