Producing any video involves several steps, including pre-production, production, and post-production. We like to think we make this process simple for our clients and with every project we undertake we ensure the approach is adapted to suit the specific requirements of the subject matter.

The following is a general overview of the Video Production process.

Pre – Production

During Pre-Production our team will collaborate with you and help form your ideas and plan a way for them to come through in your video in a creative way.

We’ll take through the shot list, the locations, the style and feel of the filming and come up with the overall plan for the shoot.

We can help source locations, models, actors and all the required permissions and paperwork too.


Production is the stage where the shoot is actually taking place. This is where all the planning comes together to make the shoot happen.

Examples of what to expect on the shoot day include:

  • Set up and test the equipment before filming.
  • Film the footage, ensuring to capture all necessary shots.
  • Capture additional footage or b-roll shots to be used during editing.
  • Review footage to ensure that it meets the requirements and retake shots if necessary.

Post Production

During Post Production we will take care of the fine details that make a video come to life. This is where we share with you the rushes, first cut etc to allow the video to start forming into the final version.

There are usually a few edit stages required where you can give feedback to us and gradually the final film will be made.

What you can expect from the Post Production Stage :

  • Import footage into editing software.
  • Create a rough cut of the video, including music and voiceovers.
  • Review the rough cut and make any necessary changes.
  • Add effects, graphics and titles to enhance the video.
  • Add final touches like color correction and audio mixing.
  • Export the final version of the video in the desired format.


It is vital to understand where you will showcase your video. In order to have the best impact, your video has to be seen by the right audience.

Look at whether your video is going to be shown to an internal or external group.

Are you going to execute an online video marketing campaign ? Which channels will the video appear on and do you require different versions for these platforms ?

Some things to consider for the distribution of your video :

  • Choose a platform or platforms for publishing the video such as the company website, social media channels or internal communication platforms.
  • Determine the distribution strategy such as using paid promotion, email marketing or other methods to get the video in front of the target audience.


Overall, producing any type of video, whether it is corporate, brand, event, tutorial, product launch or influencer requires careful planning. Our best videos have always had a thoughtful plan and we encourage this when working with you. Please give us a call or send an email to start a conversation about how Studio8 can work with you to create some great content.


This post was written by Studio 8 Ltd a Video Production Company in Oxford. Please visit our video gallery to view our work.

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