How are online corporate videos shaping up in 2014? To answer that, we’d better take a look at their recent history; Statistics taken from a survey conducted in November 2013 by the Web Video Marketing Council ( reveal that in the last two years alone, marketing professionals have gone from using online videos 70% to a massive 93% of the time. With a 23% leap in just two years, the future of online corporate videos is looking bright.

From advertising products and services to personalised customer messages, online corporate videos have only been growing in size and popularity since their inception. By combining the exciting, visceral elements of video with the vastness of the internet, businesses now have more options than ever on how to connect with their audience. In the UK, online video has grown by 86% in five years, jumping from being worth just £4 million in 2008, to £135 million in 2013 (

Forbes wrote that Youtube had hit more than four billion views per day, all the way back in January 2012. However, they pointed out that many of these were user-generated videos of “sub-standard” quality, which is where shooting a professional video can really pay off. Audiences will always be interested in content, but style and flair are what can help online marketing videos stand out from the crowd.

1.Make content accessible. Whilst company websites remain a favourite of the corporate-marketing world, you can now connect with people using a vast array of platforms including the ever-popular Youtube, different social-media sites and of course simply via email. Many people have favourite places to watch videos, so make sure to have lots of viewing options available.

2.Encourage communication. Enabling replies on your videos ensures that people can respond to your content, whether it be via a simple comment or a perhaps even a video of their own. Reuters ( have reported that annual smartphone sales will be over a billion units Globally in 2014, meaning more and more people can communicate on the go. Feedback is important to any business, both for reviewing your services and building relationships.

3.Make your title count. It seems like an obvious idea, but video titles can really pull in that extra online traffic you need. Video titles are important as they affect how your content shows up in search engines, as well as their ability to grab a viewer’s attention.

4.Timing is everything. However brilliant your product or service, not many people will be interested in a half an hour video. Keep it short and sweet to attract as many viewers as possible.

5.The most important thing is to stay focused on your message throughout. Providing an honest open video will retain your audience’s attention and lead to a better chance of your viewer taking the next step in contacting you or your business.

Visual marketing is vital for all businesses as images and video play an ever more important role in our online communications – imagine a world without online video and its pretty much impossible. Its here to stay and you can easily embrace it now giving you and your business a brilliant chance of connecting with your audience in a more engaging way.

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