Today, nearly everyone has a digital camera, even if it’s on your phone! This is great because not a moment passes when you can’t take a picture.

It raises a question though:

“Why would I employ a professional photographer when I’ve got my own awesome camera?!”

This reminds me of the age old saying: ‘Its not the tool, it’s how you use it’

Ansel Adams (one of, if not, the greatest landscape photographer ever) said: “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it”

At Studio8 we have dedicated and talented team of professional photographers and videographers. Here are a few reasons why we think we can create the best photos you have ever had taken of you, your family or your place of work:

Photographing Children

Baby and Child Photography

Capture special moments to keep forever . . .

Children are unpredictable, they can make you laugh, cry, stress out and collapse in front of the sofa, – all in the space on an hour! It can be difficult to get children to sit still and take nice photos of them. Some children appear unresponsive and others are even scared of the camera itself! Our inventive team has been taking photos of babies and children for ages. When there’s a will there’s a way and we tend to always capture children in their best light ensuring their personality will shine through your photos.

Skills and Equipment

A commercial photography studio will have a wider range of equipment than you do. Staging items, choosing the correct lighting and background are just a few of the many things that need to be thought about. Specific looks and effects are achieved through this complex process.

We invest in top-of the range equipment so we are up to date with the times. But more importantly we invest in time to develop the skills to get the most out of our equipment. You can discuss the various shots you would like with your photographer ahead of time so that he or she can be sure to bring exactly the right equipment along. The high quality images we produce are a direct result of the combination of our skills and equipment.

Saves Time

People are busy. I’m sure you do not want to spend your time pre-occupied with thinking about taking or how to take nice photos of yourself or your family. This is why we have developed our photography process to be as efficient as possible. This means you don’t have to worry about your photos and have a wide range of them to choose from.

Range of Photo Shoots

family portrait

We have a range of photo shoots for all ages and sizes.

We have a range of sessions tailored for different individuals and groups. Your shoot can include multiple poses and outfits, or family and individual portraits. We can also provide a video service too. Anything is possible so if you are unsure if we can do something then just ask us!

When it comes to producing quality images, nothing beats professional photography.

Its great to take your own photos wherever you happen to be, but for those special occasions, hire a professional photographer to capture a stand out shot.