You Tube Analytics
You Tube is the world’s biggest video sharing website, and it is estimated that a mind-boggling 8 years’ worth of material is added to the website every single day. Although it was initially private individuals who uploaded their home made videos to the site, the sheer volume of people using the website quickly made it an attractive channel for advertisers and businesses who want to promote their services. However, with the sheer quantity of material available on the You Tube site, how does a company ensure that their videos are being seen by the right people? This is where You Tube Analytics comes into play.

You Tube is a wholly owned subsidiary of Google, the world’s biggest search engine. Most marketers are nowadays well aware of the Google Analytics software, which helps them to identify what sort of people are using their website, where they are located, other demographic data, and what keywords they are plugging in to their search engine to find the webpage in the first place. This software has been hugely successful in enabling marketers to target their websites more effectively, and the same concept is now being rolled out to You Tube.

You Tube
The same sort of detailed information available through using Google is hugely valuable to You Tube users. Firstly, the marketers have to set up an account on You Tube and this will enable them to acess the data as it comes in. As videos are viewed, detailed information about the age, gender and geographic location is recorded. This helps marketers confirm that their videos are appealing to their target market, or adjust their strategy if the wrong demographic group is watching the videos. If the audience retention charts show that most people are watching the first 10 seconds of a video and then turning off, the marketer has something to focus on for their next campaign. You can also see where the viewers are coming from in terms of internet traffic. This is especially important for companies who are using You Tube videos embedded into their own websites or social networking sites such as Facebook, as marketers can evaluate which of the different methods is more effective in driving traffic to see the videos.

Putting videos online should not be a one-off process, and You Tube analytics goes a long way to making the continuous monitoring and evaluation of the marketing program far easier than it was using the previous You Tube reporting software.