We have a Vocal recording room within our studio which allows us to capture audio for many purposes whether this is narrative, musical or for video production.

Our audio team consist of engineers who can be on hand to capture any audio recordings you need. If you require voice over artists or musicians we have lots of artists available.

The Studio

The studio uses Liquid Saffire mixing and Logic Pro X for capture. We also offer audio mixing, mastering, fixing services and music creation services.

This an example of a voiceover recorded at Studio8. The script was based on the text and our voiceover artist recorded in our vocal recording room.

We are able to create, mix and master music in a range of styles for your project. This track was recorded and written at Studio8. (We do not record bands.)

Audio Repair
If you have substandard audio with hiss, unwanted buzz etc, we can use award winning software and mixing techniques to help fix and repair your track.

Mixing and Mastering
We can mix your tracks and provide a high end mastering service to improve the overall sound which concentrates on equalising, adding dynamics and increasing the overall loudness of the audio.


We can work with any voiceover artist, here are some we know . . .

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