Frequently Asked Questions



What prices do your videos start at?
Our video prices start from approx £500 +vat. Our average corporate video is between £500 – £1500 +vat depending on requirements. As every project requires a different level of input and crew, we prefer to quote on each job individually.

How can we keep the cost down?
If your budget is low we can help you achieve a high production value for a cost that might surprise. You may only require on Videographer which can help. We would be pleased to discuss your ideas and help plan the perfect shoot at a price you are happy with.

Should we include motion graphics ?
Motion Graphics can add emphasis to certain messages or points within a video. We suggest your video be created using mainly real life people and situations with a sprinkling of animation or motion graphics for maximum impact.

How do we monitor the impact our videos are having?
Before starting a video, it is wise to know how you plan to use the final piece. These days most of our video productions are for the web and we can provide advice and assistance in getting your content live and discovered. Using web analytics you can measure details such as reach, viewer engagement and clicks on links. We would be pleased to discuss our Video Marketing further with you.

What format will our videos be delivered in?
We provide your videos however you require them according to your brief. This can be delivered via an online secure gallery link, DVD or Hard Drive. We have 150mb fibre broadband at our Studio and therefore can deliver assets very easily with speed. Popuar file types include : .MOV .MP4 .FLV .F4V .APPLE PRORES 444

How long does it take to produce a video?
This will depend on the content of your video. Usually we start with the Pre Production, followed by the shoot and finally the edit. It is worth planning as far ahead as possible and contacting our team to discuss your requirements. We have had times when videos need to be created within a day or so and have completed on time (these are usually web promo videos).

Should we include music or voiceover in our videos?
We highly recommend music on promotional videos as this helps keep the momentum of the video and adds extra feeling to the subject matter. A voiceover is not always needed, this is something to consider individually on each video project.

Do we need a presenter?
If you intend to have a person introducing a product or service it is worth thinking about how good that person will come across on camera. A trained presenter will understand the whole process of video production and therefore can help you get the most from your budget. A professional presenter will also naturally have a good pace in the way they deliver the script and seem relaxed and confident when a camera is pointing at them.

How long should our videos be?
We recommend web videos to be between 1-2 minutes in length. You can create videos that are longer than this as long as you include the key information in the first minute. If you have more details to include in your video, our creative team will suggest the best way to present this.

How many videos should we make?
If you are planning on producing videos for the web, you may want to produce a series of short videos that you can release over a period of time. This can work well in the build up to a particular product launch date for example.

Most clients are looking for a promotional video which they can update every year or twice a year.

This answer to this question does change according to your own requirements.

Can you help me with some ideas and scriptwriting?
Yes. We love generating ideas for creative scripts and can work with you to put this together.
Can you help me with video marketing and SEO?
We have a good understand of Digital Marketing and how best to place your video in the web to gain views. We also partner with selected digital agencies to provide even more support for you and your business.

What cameras do we use?
We have a mixture of cameras and rigs for different purposes. For example we may use DSLR’s for on site web promo videos, our RED camera for Music Video and broadcast and our GoPros for action shots. We are always looking at the best new technology to produce the best results.

Does the size of my budget matter?
We can work with all kinds of budgets.

Pro Photography

How do I share my photo selection ?
Please click this link for a short video:

How do I download my Photos?
Please click this link for a short video:


Portrait Photography

Can I buy digital files of my images?
Yes! you can purchase digital files from our digital packages – we have options for 10, 20, or ALL the images from your shoot. The images we supply are high resolution jpeg files, you are then free to print and distribute these to your friends and family.

Do you save our images, so we can purchase copies in the future?
We aim to keep your images for 3 months from the date of your shoot. Your free images must be selected within this time. We cannot guarantee any of the images are kept after this time. It is best to place an order for your favorite images within the three month block, so you don’t miss out.

Do you offer a discount on larger orders?
We are a family run business – not a chain! We are therefore happy to negotiate and offer discounts for larger orders. Please contact us and we will try our best to help with your requirements.

What if I can’t decide what I want?
We are always happy to help. You are welcome to come into the studio, where we can view your images on a large screen and help you choose the perfect images.

What are your payment terms?
For any orders over £300 we only require a 20% deposit. We accept credit and debit cards or payment via online banking.

How can I view my photos?

Every shoot comes with an option to view the images at our Studio with your photographer. We can also add to an online gallery for you here :


How can I submit my CV?
Jobs will be advertised when available, and we are always on the look out for freelancers, if you would like to submit your CV please email [email protected] with the title ‘CV’ Thanks.

Do you take on Work Experience Students?
We have limited spaces throughout the year, please contact [email protected] for availability.