The human brain is wired to respond and react to moving imagery, especially if it’s beautiful or emotional. Be honest, how much time do you spend on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube scrolling through mini video clips?

Due to a global pandemic, video has become an even more important form of communication. It has replaced many of the physical, in-person exchanges we previously took for granted. So, in 2021 and beyond, getting your message across via online video will be crucial, whatever size or type of company you are.

If you need evidence of how significant ‘film’ is now, witness the phenomenal rise of Live Stream broadcasts and TikTok! In 2019 TikTok was downloaded an eye-watering 738 million times globally and that figure is likely to have been far exceeded in 2020.


The science behind video effectiveness

There’s science behind why video works for selling, informing, educating and influencing all target audiences. Some of the old adages provide clues. First impressions count, and it must be ‘seen to be believed’.

Our decision making and behaviours are greatly influenced by the visual stimulation we receive. The human brain can take literally seconds to appraise a scene, instantly deciding whether a person is ‘friend or foe’. We can analyse body language, gender, affluence, race and even our opinions, with just one glance at someone.

Now imagine how much information you can pack into even the shortest piece of online video! 

It’s also the universal language. A series of well-chosen scenes and actions can communicate to a diverse range of demographic and geographic groups. 

The statistics to support investing in video

Let’s support the view that video is a worthwhile investment, with some meaty statistics.

Mobile phones have substantially increased the use of video for entertainment and information. In each of the last two years, viewing on handheld devices has risen by nearly 10 million minutes each day.

Here’s a wake-up call for anyone with a static website. Adding visual content will increase page views by an average of 94 per cent! It also makes your brand messaging easier to understand and to remember. 


What do people want from video?

Herein lies the challenge for companies. Video is unarguably vital to your marketing, communication and indeed collaboration too.

However, the way it is created matters, to get the right response from video. It depends on your brand and the motivation and expectations of your consumers.

For example, around 70% of YouTube viewers choose it to help them problem solve. So, do you need explainer videos to reach your audience? Or, you may want a video that entertains and helps viewers to ‘escape’ creating a warm attachment to your brand. Alternatively, your best bet could be an added value video that shows the many uses and benefits of your product.

The list of options is long! As long as you find the right video company to translate your sales messages into videos that authentically reach your business goals.

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