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We’ve launched a new Photography Competition !

You could win a brand new camera, wildlife photography experience and a framed print of your photo. It's really easy to enter and your photo can be captured on your phone or camera. To find out more visit the competition page here :

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The Pros and Cons of AI vs. Human Editors in Video Editing

We asked ChatGPT to write this article for us to see what AI made of this point that comes up in lots of our chats about the future of AI within the Video Production Industry, here's what it said . . . Introduction: In the digital age, video content has become a dominant form of communication and entertainment. As the demand for video editing grows, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in this field is gaining momentum. While AI-powered video editing platforms offer numerous benefits, it's essential to evaluate their advantages and disadvantages compared to human editors. In this article, we'll explore the pros and…

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The Stages of Creating a Video

Producing any video involves several steps, including pre-production, production, and post-production. We like to think we make this process simple for our clients and with every project we undertake we ensure the approach is adapted to suit the specific requirements of the subject matter. The following is a general overview of the Video Production process. Pre - Production During Pre-Production our team will collaborate with you and help form your ideas and plan a way for them to come through in your video in a creative way. We'll take through the shot list, the locations, the style and feel of the filming and come up…

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8 iPhone Photography Tips and Tricks

iPhone Photography ideas to help you improve your shots When it comes to using an iPhone for photography, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or a pro, or have an older iPhone or the newest edition, there is always room for improvement and new tips to learn. That’s why we’ve composed this guide of our top 8 tricks that we think will completely transform your photography skills and take them to the next level!  1. Learn to navigate iPhone photo mode When you open the camera app on your iPhone, by default you will be in ‘Photo’ mode. However, there are numerous styles and…

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Video Marketing Studio8

Video Content Trends 2023

Download this article as a PDF here We love video, it’s what we do 😎. At Studio8 we believe every business small and large has the ability to create their own amazing work as well as working with Production companies like ours to elevate their content. In this article we’ll explore some great ways you can work with your phones and apps to generate day to day videos. We’ll look at the trends to expect in the video marketing world and offer some tips on how production companies can add an extra little sprinkle of magic to drive more engagement. We hope this helps inspire…

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Oxford Brookes Video Still

Oxford Brookes University Video Ad Campaign We worked closely with Oxford Brookes University to create a highly engaging film that would connect with their Global audience. Our scriptwriter wrote words that embodied what it is to be part of the University, live the Oxford life and how it feels to be part of this community. We owe it to the great students who played a starring role in the video and brought it to life. If you would like to find out more about University films like this, the process for creating them, or how we can help make yours, please get in touch ! [email protected]

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Nova Kicks

Nova Kicks Lyric Video

We recently worked on two lyric Videos for Nova Kicks. For the new release 'The Right Way' the band wanted to use a mix of archival footage to create a montage of visuals to accompany the theme of the words. We combined a mix of royalty free footage and merged layers and effects to ensure that we modernised the footage, whilst paying tribute to the hard work of the previous talent from the days of the past. 'Pieces of You' is a track from the Nova Kicks album; 'Maps'. For this lyric video we wanted a subtle and emotive feeling through gentle animation.…

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The Power of Video The human brain is wired to respond and react to moving imagery, especially if it’s beautiful or emotional. Be honest, how much time do you spend on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube scrolling through mini video clips? Due to a global pandemic, video has become an even more important form of communication. It has replaced many of the physical, in-person exchanges we previously took for granted. So, in 2021 and beyond, getting your message across via online video will be crucial, whatever size or type of company you are. If you need evidence of how significant ‘film’ is now, witness the phenomenal rise of Live…

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The Rise of Live Streaming in 2020

Live streaming has been enjoying a healthy following over the last few years, but as 2020 has forced us indoors and online, its success has skyrocketed. Here's how and why live stream video broadcasts have been booming in 2020. The Stats Say it All Enforced lockdowns from the Covid-19 pandemic have seen swathes of events, meetings and activities cancelled this year. But, instead of writing these all off completely, businesses, providers and influencers have been turning to the internet to live stream their content instead. As well as providing an online alternative to many cancelled activities, many people stuck indoors during lockdown have watched live…

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Video Marketing 2020

This year will be another record year for on-line Video consumption. Check out our Video Marketing Guide for 2020 here. The teams at Studio8

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video production cv

Starting a Career in Video Production

We are very lucky at Studio8 to be working in a job that we love and you can can do it too! This article has been put together for students and anyone else thinking about making their way into film and video production.   A job in Video Production offers a diverse, creative and rewarding career full of unique experiences. There are plenty of different areas that you can look into which will suit your skill set. Perhaps you enjoy the idea of planning shoots, and therefore you may be suited to a career in Production (Producer), you could have a gift for composition and…

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Studio8 Oxford

Video Marketing Campaigns

With so many Videos being created, its important that your video not only looks the best it can, but also that your video has a marketing campaign behind it to help reach out to your target audience. Here are a few ideas on how you can do just that . . . Brand Stories Capturing emotive stories will help your business. Content that connects with peoples feelings can achieve a better overall film. Opening up to your audience about your passion and story will be much more captivating. Distribution  Once you have created your amazing video, its important to understand how you are going to get…

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Walkers Logs Brand Video

Walkers Logs approached us to help them create a brand video for their company. From their Cotswold yard, they are able to provide premium kiln dried logs throughout the UK. Our video was created to tell the story and help viewers understand the process of how the logs are obtained. It was important to Walkers, that the video highlighted their responsible tree harvesting and care for the wildlife and sustainability of the woodlands they work in compared to cheaper imports. The final shot of the film is set within a typical country cottage where two people can be seen to enjoy the warmth of a…

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David Attenborough

Recent Video Production by Studio8

Hi Everyone! Hope you are enjoying the lovely sunny weather we’ve been having.  Here’s a roundup of some of the latest shoots we’ve been working on at Studio8 - enjoy watching  :)   David Attenborough and Oxfordshire Pigeons   (Currently in Production) Our Drone team were hired out to film a sequence as part of a larger production for a forthcoming David Attenborough documentary. We were required to film David releasing the Pigeons from a wicker box and set them free. Our drone then had to follow the flock into the air as they took to the skies. A treat to work with one of…

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Christmas Gift Guide

Choosing a unique gift for someone is always tricky, but with a photography shoot, you can’t go wrong. It is the one present that keeps on giving. Whether you book a surprise shoot and include the receiver, or you create a great photograph for them, you’ll put a smile on their face, and that is a guarantee. At Studio8, we offer a range for shoots that are ideal as gifts. While we have a number of different people that book shoots for themselves, the majority of people book a shoot as a gift for a friend, family member or their partner. However, what options do…

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Drone Flying over Oxford

Why you should hire a professional for aerial drone filming

Drones have brought aerial filming within the reach of far more people than ever before. Instead of hiring an aeroplane or helicopter in order to film from the air, it is now possible to hire or buy an aerial drone for a fraction of the price. While aerial drones can be purchased for less than £1,000, there are a number of great reasons to hire a professional drone operator like Studio8 rather then attempting to shoot your own footage. Most importantly our Drone pilot has taken an extensive course to gain a license from the Civil Aviation Authority which is legally required in order to…

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iPhoneography – what does it mean?

There’s an old saying in photography that the best camera is the one you have with you, which goes some way to explaining the massive trend in iPhoneography - using an iPhone to take photos. With the camera getting better with each passing generation, the iPhone is now capable of truly stunning photography. It still lacks the full technical capabilities of a DSLR, but it’s good enough and the fact that owners always have their phones to hand means that more and more moments that simply wouldn’t have been recorded for posterity are now finding their way on to Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram. However, it's…

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The top 8 cameras for home portraits this summer

The sun is in the sky, the burgers are on the barbecue, the cider is on ice and the kids are playing in the back garden. All you need now to commemorate the glorious British summer is a few snaps of you and your loved ones enjoying it. But what camera to use? This run down of the eight best compact cameras for home photography is here to help you decide. 8. Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II A pricey option it may be, but the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II is one of the best point-and-shoot cameras you’ll find. Users of the very…

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Annabel’s Top Photography Tips for our Photo Competition

This week we have the lovely Annabel in the studio on work experience. Here's her top five tips to inspire your photo creativeness for The Oxford Photography Competition 2015 .  .  . Have you entered The Oxfordshire Photography Competition yet? These are some ideas to help you get inspired this May. They are a springboard that could be adapted and changed, but still being interpreted.   Buildings (dreaming spires, skyline)- the colourful architecture of the buildings and shape created. Parks (University Parks, Blenheim Palace, National Trust Parks)- the trees and scenery around, with colours changing from season to season. Museums (Natural history museum, Pitt rivers)-…

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