This week we have the lovely Annabel in the studio on work experience. Here’s her top five tips to inspire your photo creativeness for The Oxford Photography Competition 2015 .  .  .

Have you entered The Oxfordshire Photography Competition yet?

These are some ideas to help you get inspired this May. They are a springboard that could be adapted and changed, but still being interpreted.


  • Buildings (dreaming spires, skyline)– the colourful architecture of the buildings and shape created.
  • Parks (University Parks, Blenheim Palace, National Trust Parks)– the trees and scenery around, with colours changing from season to season.
  • Museums (Natural history museum, Pitt rivers)– The displays give a view of history in oxford.
  • The Thames– the water flowing and reflection of the scenery makes a good photo as it creates depth.
  • Plants- all around the parks there are colourful and vibrant plants in all shapes and sizes, focus on one specific plant or a bunch of flowers.


There are also many other ideas that could be thought of but these are my top 5 that I think could be most effective.

Any photographs are fun to take. It doesnt matter how good or bad it is, getting out and about and taking photos makes you see more of the scenery and capturing a moment means you can look back and enjoy that moment more than once.

Oxford is an amazing place full of amazing buildings and flowers and parks, the architecture and history makes a very interesting photograph.

Photographs sometimes tell a story and if you interpret one of my 5 ideas it could let your imagination go wild and you could create a story behind the image. For the photography competition, use one of the 5 ideas above, or think of your own idea and create a colourful photograph of Oxford from it.

This is a great opportunity to get your creative cap on and start thinking about photography, and who knows you may become very interested in photography and carry on taking photos after the competition, just for fun and enjoyment.

Competitions are always a good starting point as it gets you thinking and if you really enjoy it then you will pursue photography and carry on taking photos.

The main reason to enter this competition is for fun and to get an idea of what photography and Oxford are all about.