We hope you and your families are safe during this time.

As we start to ease back out of lockdown Studio8 are adapting to the current normal.

Like all businesses operating during Covid-19 we have put in measures to ensure our team are able to work safely and provide our clients with a great level of service.

Our staff are working from home with fast internet connections, allowing us to provide editing and zoom meetings when required, while our video operators can continue to work on location with procedures in place to minimise the risk of contamination.

Please find below details on the measures we have taken or download our Social Distancing Filming guide for your company here.

Shooting on Location

All crew will arrive in separate vehicles where more than one member is required.

Each member of the crew will have their temperature checked before the shoot commences, and if they show signs of a fever, we will provide an alternative member of the crew where possible or reschedule the shoot if agreed. No member of our team will be assigned to any task if showing symptoms.

Each member of our crew will wear a face mask and gloves and carry hand sanitiser with them.

All equipment will be wiped down with disinfectant before and after the shoot. No person being filmed will need to come into contact with our crew or equipment.

Our camera operator will remain 2 meters away from the subject being filmed.

Where an interview in being conducted we will use a zoom (telephoto) lens allowing us to capture a close up shot, but from further away than we would normally set up. The distance we will position our camera from the subject will be at least two meters.

For sound, we will use a shotgun / boom microphone supported by a tripod avoiding any need for a clip on microphone.


Prior to Covid-19 we would sometimes invite clients to an edit session, however on the majority of our videos, we use an online based system for reviewing footage. This provides an easy way to showcase 1st, 2nd and 3rd edits to our clients anywhere in the World. This will be the most simple approach allowing us to continue with our Video editing remotely.

All our editors have Video edit suites set up at home with fast broadband connections. We do not anticipate any lag in our usual turnaround time for videos to be seen by our customers and all will be delivered by deadline.


Our emails and telephone number ( 01865 842525 ) are still the first way to contact us. However during projects we will also provide you with a WhatsApp number / Zoom meeting schedule if preferred to keep communication flowing. Plus a mobile number direct to your producer / editor when required.


We are able to travel anywhere in England for filming and are closely monitoring the situation to see when we may be able to visit other locations beyond this.

We look forward to working with you soon.

Best Wishes
The Team at Studio8