With the festive season so fast approaching we thought it might be a good opportunity to discuss the best hints and tips to ensure that you capture as many fantastic pictures as possible.

It may sound like a simple thing to do, however with not only the excitement of the day (especially when it comes to unwrapping presents) but also the run up to Christmas too, capturing images that really reflect the emotion is difficult.

Here are some of our top tips for getting the photos that you have on your wish list!

Be prepared
It sounds so easy when you think of it, but being ready and with camera in hand is they key point when taking pictures. After all, if you leave the camera in another room (or even at another house) then you either have to ask for your loved ones to hold off their present unwrapping, or miss the photo opportunity all together.

Make sure the camera is always on hand, with plenty of battery and memory space. That way, whatever happens you are on hand to document it!

Know your opportunities
It isn’t just the paper hurling, present unwrapping stage of the day that is good to get on film. There are other great times to capture some really fantastic pictures, encapsulating the true nature of the day.

Why not take some pictures of the food preparation? Or the night before the big day; presents all ready for the children and drink left out for Santa! You could always document the run up even further ahead, taking pictures of the tree decorating and wrapping of presents. That way you can really gather the entire festive season and not just the end!

Don’t leave everything until the end
It is tempting to leave things like group shots until after dinner, but this is a mistake. Who want’s to perch on the end of a sofa after eating their bodyweight in turkey with all the trimmings? Make sure that important shots such as the “family one” is taken before the dinner begins. That way everyone is at their best and no-one will have to worry about gravy spillages or roast dinner bellies!

Fill, fill, fill!
A common mistake that is seen in Christmas photos is when a photo is absolutely filled with empty spaces around one focal point (say a snowman being built, or that beautifully decorated tree). There is a simple fix for this; either make use of your zoom function, or simply move closer to the object, don’t be frightened to get right into the midst of things. Especially at a party; where the best photos are always where the action is.

Getting to know you
It is very important to learn about your camera before the big day; whilst it may be tempting to try out your new snapper by capturing the day itself, it is best to use a camera that you know and understand. Before Christmas comes around; learn about the different settings, take the time to remember the ones most suitable to your area and practice, practice, practice.

Save your brand new camera for New Years Eve!

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