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poster for job advert for actors

Actors required for Cotswolds Tourism Video

Please apply via this link : APPLY HERE We are looking for actors of any gender to play some friends / couples exploring various sites in The Cotswolds. The playing age is 30-40 approx. Dates will be somewhere from 18th March - TBC. Please apply via the link on this page as this is where will be looking at any reels / photos. Thank you :)

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Rule of thirds grid

Composition in photography: Rule of Thirds

A brief guide to composing images using the Rule of Thirds   We’ve all happened across that perfect moment where everything just fits together. We capture the moment and move on. But on looking back at the image we find ourselves feeling somewhat deflated as the scene we photographed lacks the impact that made us take the photo in the first instance, it lacks good composition. Composition is a vital component to creating a visually interesting image and the rule of thirds is one of it’s tools. You don’t have to own an expensive DSLR; whatever camera you use, the rule of thirds can be applied to…

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