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Video in 2014

How are online corporate videos shaping up in 2014? To answer that, we’d better take a look at their recent history; Statistics taken from a survey conducted in November 2013 by the Web Video Marketing Council (webvideomarketing.org) reveal that in the last two years alone, marketing professionals have gone from using online videos 70% to a massive 93% of the time. With a 23% leap in just two years, the future of online corporate videos is looking bright. From advertising products and services to personalised customer messages, online corporate videos have only been growing in size and popularity since their inception. By combining the exciting,…

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10 Reasons to Add Online Video to your Marketing Mix Now

If you are hoping to create some quality contacts and long-term customers, online video marketing the way to go. More people are viewing videos online now than ever before, and companies that use video to market themselves are reaping the benefits. Here are just a few of the many ways you can benefit by adding online video to your marketing mix.   1: People are Using Videos as Search Engines Recent surveys demonstrate that 78% of all internet users watch a video at least once per day, and more than half of them watch a video every day. People are using their YouTube channels like…

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